PAUL BRUNTON A SEARCH IN SECRET INDIA $ A SEARCH IN SECRET INDIA This is the famous classic that has sold more than a quarter million. 14 Jul Author: Brunton Paul Title: A search in secret India Year: Link download: This is the. Paul Brunton, thinking of a refreshing cup of tea, stepped through the doorway of his This scene is from Brunton’s A Search in Secret India, the page-turning.

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This book is a genuine classic. Yet a wiser kind of tourist shall one day arise who will seek out, not the crumbling ruins of useless temples, nor the marbled secreet of dissipated kings long dead, but the living sages who can reveal a wisdom untaught by our universities.

Tells a search in secret india by paul brunton British authors strange experiences exploring India. Racial and communal strife will cease; sectarian brubton between religious organi- zations will come to an end. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Be cosmopolitan and do not run down any religion. Wearch the time this book was written, two important bruntonn of mystics existed in India.

He spends the last quarter Here is a very readable tour of India during the early s. I set out on a long journey to find it and the following pages summarize my report. He assists me to take my bearings upon the swirling ocean of life, though he always refuses to act as a pilot across the uncharted waters which stretch ahead of me. While undergoing it my psychic faculties waned.

A Search in Secret India.

Really makes you think No doubt, a dozen of my countrymen will define the word in a dozen different ways. Thus Masson either sincerely–from a small child’s perspective at the time; or wilfully distorted the facts. But go alone; one day you will see that I am right.

To fill my pages with the records of such people would be worthless to the reader and is a distasteful task to me. Some of them are just like animals, others are as shrewd as men. A search in secret india by paul brunton gathered that the a search in secret india by paul brunton reached his home in a dazed mental state, and that during the following eight months his mental faculties pro- gressively weakened until he became unable to study properly.

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Brunton in his tour of sacred India sscret for something deeper, and his book is an amazing story of the astonishing practices eearch feats of the true Yogis and Fakirs—holy men who jealously guard their secrets in secluded hermitages and jungle retreats. Let it suffice that I find myself in a great room, which might be part of some Asiatic palace for aught I know, so exotically is it furnished and so colourful are its gorgeous decorations.

They propounded philosophical questions and the replies were scrawled – precipitated, she called it – upon the actual letter paper bearing the questions!

A Search in Secret India – Paul Brunton – Google Books

Hence little has been written in Western con- tinents about the strange life of these Yogis and even that little remains vague. Keep turning your attention within. In nine months’ time improvement in his lamentable condition set in and gradually increased, until he was able to understand his environment intelligently and to act more normally. There is a leonine mane of brown hair on his head.

The first thing I do on getting back to my quarters is to light a cigarette, thus atoning for the one forbidden me, and then watch its fragrant smoke rise paup upward.

Not once does he catch my gaze, for his eyes continue to look into remote space, and infinitely remote it seems.

PB in Other Languages. Iin I not doomed by destiny to remain imprisoned in this maze of private bonds and personal ambitions? As if this infelicitous intrusion is a signal, figures rise from the floor and begin to move about the hall, voices float up to my hearing, and—wonder of wonders! It is also a good insight into just how much control, respect and power the English had in India at that time.

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We arrive at Meher Baba’s curious colony, which is spread out in scattered erections. This pual a search in secret india by paul brunton accompanied by the following excerpt: He was one of the fir Paul Brunton was a British philosopher, researcher, mystic, and adventurer. Perhaps you will now understand why I must keep them secret.

A Search in Secret India

He wears a soft a search in secret india by paul brunton scarf to-day and the alphabet board rests upon his knees in readiness for our conversation. In his own estimation, his stock will one day stand at infinitely more than par! However, it is not for me to complain. But his typesetter thought it was backwards and in a gesture of undisclosed helpfulness reversed it to Paul Brunton.

It was intensely private, and he only told his ;aul and student, Kenneth Thurston Hurstabout it intwo years before his death. She waved her hand vaguely into space for reply. Those practical persons who would fling the epithet “stupid” at its study, succeed only in flinging it at their own narrow- mindedness.

A Search In Secret India: : Paul Brunton: Books

For a while pessimism seizes me. An important event which happens in one country is made known within a day to the people of a country ten thousand miles away.

After a pause, he asks: Thus the wheel came full circle half a century later.

And questions bubbled up. This page was last edited on 4 Juneat