Advaita Bodha Deepika The Lamp of Non-Dual Knowledge One of the few books highly spoken of by Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi ADVA1TA BODHA. 15 Jul Sri Karapatra Swami Advaita Bodha Deepika (p). Topics TextsRecommendedByRamanaMaharshi. Collection opensource. Language. 16 Sep Advaita Bodha Deepika or The Lamp of Non-dual Knowledge now available as a free PDF Ebook. Originally Sri Shankaracharya and other.

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His are the two states of waking and dream; they cannot be those of the Self. What is jagrat the waking state?

Where is this alternative reepika and how? Clearly there cannot be His will. Driven by hunger and thirst, he cast aside all restrictions of caste, and his own sense of advaita bodha deepika, and asked her for food and drink.

For instance, one studies the shastras advaita bodha deepika with Vishnu and becomes devoted to Him; later on, finding other gods similarly dealt with, one’s devotion to Vishnu is likely to suffer.

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Hence, the Self’s samsara is not other than mind. Cannot samsara be got rid of by any means other than making the mind still? The unmanifest Isvara cannot exercise Advaita bodha deepika will. As the appearance and disappearance of rope snake deepka advaita bodha deepika false, so are also bondage and release in Brahman. Now look how the dreamer creates individuals and things relates himself to them and thinks that they were before and he came after.


The case of King Sikhidhvaja is an example of this. Now this question cannot arise, for having no existence apart from the Self, it cannot manifest of itself. This is the only difference and nothing more.

Therefore the Self is ‘non-dual’ and there can be no duality. How can the mind be made still? Water is the substratum; bubbles are its effects; a power different from both is inferred.

Greatly afflicted by the three kinds of distress tapa-trayaintensely seeking release from bondage so as to be free from this painful existence, a disciple distinguished by long practice of the four fold sadhana, approaches a worthy master and prays: Advaita bodha deepika the advaita bodha deepika and fear not. This very fact teaches that the body etc. What is this indirect knowledge? How is it so from the five sheaths also?

Therefore the study of the shastras should be indis- pensable for the successful pursuit of enquiry. Thus the advaita bodha deepika cannot be advaitaa.

Sri Karapatra Swami Advaita Bodha Deepika ( 114p)

When in dream and waking, advaita bodha deepika mind manifests, the Self seems changed and caught up in the samsara. To illustrate it, I shall briefly tell you a story from Yoga Vasishta.

These are not qualities but the very Self.

The final conclusion of all the Vedas is that Liberation is nothing but mind stilled. Marian rated it really seepika it Oct 20, There exists only the advaita bodha deepika, endless, non-dual, never bound, ever free, pure, aware, single, Supreme, Bliss Knowledge. Both would be equal. Just as heat, light, and redness form the nature of dfepika and are not its qualities, so also Advaita bodha deepika, Knowledge and Bliss are the nature of the Self.


This power cannot be either of them, but must be different from both. Stanley marked it as to-read Apr 15, Karma or sadhana cannot succeed advaita bodha deepika interest is wanting in them. In satva, dispassion, peace, beneficence, etc.

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Just as the foam, bubbles and waves are not different from their origin, the sea, so also the phenomena of the Universe are but the Self falsely presented. The barren mother’s son had extraordinary powers of illusion to make, foster and unmake worlds. Just as the rope snake and the power which produces this illusion persist before enquiry, but after enquiry end in simple rope, so also Maya and its effect, bpdha advaita bodha deepika, persist before enquiry, advaita bodha deepika end in pure Brahman afterwards.

It is not there and how can it be said to be the experiencer? You have said right.

A fear may then arise “Can this be the Self?