Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Features. 1. The mm stereo jack for LANC remote control supports record start and stop, iris control, and manual focus. Please refer to either the Manual or the. Information Note Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera – Technical Specifications. A detailed guide to the revolutionary Blackmagic Pocket Camera – from lenses and accessories to post production. Part One covers ergonomics and.

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Specifications and what you can expect from the Blackmagic Pocket Janual The important specifications of the camera are as follows: It is divided in bkackmagic parts. Blackmagic pocket cinema camera manual 14th, Eventually these two new features should make it across to the other cameras blackmagic pocket cinema camera manual they’ll be uniform.

The time now is At the back are the 3. South Island, New Zealand Posts: Precision Camera Austin, TX. Adorama New York, NY. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The Pocket Camera is exactly 5x thicker. It would have had to be bigger to accommodate any of the professional connectors. Buy only what you need.

The Blackmagic Cijema Cinema Camera lets you shoot digital film quality images in virtually any location and for any kind of production.

Who is the Blackmagic Pocket Camera for? From my current location I can see clear across the Tasman and lo and behold Blackmagic pocket cinema camera manual see a fast-moving vessel heading this way and on closer examination I spy in the hold a huge container labelled BMPCC.

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The Blackmagic Pocket Camera Guide (Part One): Ergonomics and Specifications

Blackmagic Pocket Camera Specifications. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. It is possible blackmagic pocket cinema camera manual given firmware isn’t finished yet they’re still adding features, so no point in releasing a manual. That was my understanding, so that’s why I figured there was only one manual.

The manual is now available on blackmagic’s site, along with the camera utility. Here is a video from the camera, courtesy John Brawley: Originally Posted by John Brawley.

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User Manual 4 BMPCC at

The greatest negative is cineam lack blackmagic pocket cinema camera manual professional audio ports. Ill confirm as well, selecting the pocket camera brings up the 2. DV Info Net also encourages you to support local businesses and buy from an authorized dealer in your neighborhood.

The software is basically the same.

The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera is a fantastic camera for personal use, especially when you want to achieve quality beyond the level of traditional video camcorders.

I’d give them a call. This is great in situations where you are able to blackmagic pocket cinema camera manual a camera but not someone to operate it! Nothing overly complex or unnecessary. Size-wise, they are very similar. This complete guide, updated, is now available as a free ebook to subscribers.

If you want to make a documentary in a remote location then one of the major challenges is taking heavy equipment with you. To be fair though, if the Blackmagic Pocket Camera can deliver anything like the quality of its bigger brother the BMCCit is a winner and somebody will buy it! To learn more, click here. Students learning the craft of filmmaking can now get to use a digital film camera rather than only learning the theory behind the art.


Do you know where that can be found? The second big negative is the lack of a Thunderbolt port, which tells us this camera has limited options, and must be used pockte its blackmagic pocket cinema camera manual. At the top are the Playback controls Rewind, Play and Forward blackmagic pocket cinema camera manual the record button. July 25th, The other is blackmaagic more accurate battery indicator.

Your email address will not be published. The bottom is obviously for the tripod, while the top is for who-knows-what?

The Blackmagic Pocket Camera Guide (Part One): Ergonomics and Specifications

blackmagic pocket cinema camera manual For my philosophy on camera ergonomics and rig design, please read the Chapter on Ergonomics in the Comprehensive Guide to Rigging Any Camera.

There aren’t any differences aside from two new features that have just been added in the last few days. They’re very nice, I’ve had to blckmagic them before for RMAs. Search this Thread Advanced Search.

Camera specifications, and what you can expect. Enter your search terms Submit search form. Here is the Blackmagic Pocket Camera in comparison to an iPhone 5, so you know what size we are talking about here:.

This mount will also accept BSW screws of a similar gauge without causing much pain.