10 Apr Cessna Caravan real operating cost – My company is thinking of Interested in operating costs and practicality of upgrading to a turbine or. 1 Jun This month Cessna’s Caravan turboprop is the focus for compares the Caravan to its competition factoring direct costs The total variable cost for the Caravan at $ per hour is more expensive to operate. 24 May At , miles, or hours at knots, direct operating costs total Cessna’s single-engine, single-pilot certified B Grand Caravan.

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Range with full payload and available cessna caravan operating costs 2. The shorter the trips, the lower the turnover, training and salary you will have to pay. Our expectations are that this aircraft- which started delivering in will continue to iperating very well in the pre-owned market. Pie Chart Bar Chart. To see a detailed breakdown of operating costs for this aircraft, compare the operating costs of this aircraft with others or even see how chartering or leasing this aircraft might impact your overall operating budget, to learn more click here.

Miscellaneous Fixed This will include fees for things such as charts, software and computers to manage your jet. The result is a very large number so for the purpose of charting- each result is divided by one billion.

The Caravan has the shortest cessna caravan operating costs airport field length TOFL of all the aircraft in this field of study.


Aircraft variable and fixed caravwn are important to determine before making a cessna caravan operating costs decisions or planning annual budgets. High density airports such as Teterboro or White Plains will have higher fees than other locations. Specifications Operating Costs Range Map.

Some aircraft types will have maintenace programs in place for more predictable costs. The examples plotted are confined to the aircraft in this study. Fixed Costs Total Fixed Costs are expenses which are cessna caravan operating costs no matter how many hours you fly. Our interactive graphs demonstrate the relationships between fuel cost and annual cessna caravan operating costs hour utilization. Most owners purchase the majority of their fuel at their home base airport which is why the selection of a hangar an important component in managing costs.


First flight came in December and the production model was certified by the FAA in October Engine Overhaul Most engine types have programs much like an insurance plan, you pay into a pool each hour you fly and when engine is ready for an overhaul, it is paid out of that pool.

In addition it can be equipped with amphibious floats or skis making it a truly versatile aircraft. Call the Experts Contact the experts at Jet Advisors to find the right jet at the right cessna caravan operating costs Posted by: The CEB Grand Caravan has the capacity to carry up to 14 occupants, but FAA certification limits the cessna caravan operating costs to 9 passengers in addition to the pilot.

The top seven countries that the Caravan operates in are as follows: The productivity index requires costd discussion in that the factors used can be somewhat arbitrary. Many variants also include an under-belly cargo pod- which can be used for additional freight capacity- or for passenger baggage. Much caravna an insurance plan, you pay into a pool each hour you fly and when maintenance is required, it is paid out of that pool.

With the seats removed, the Grand Caravan has a cargo capacity of cu. Direct Operating Costs Breakdown cessna caravan operating costs Direct Operating Costs Fuel Most owners purchase the majority of their fuel at their home base airport which is why the cessna caravan operating costs of a hangar an important component in managing costs.

Insurance costs will vary cessna caravan operating costs type and amount of coverage, size of fleet and other factors. The cessan volume available for passengers and amenities. These costs are highly dependant on the routes you fly. Can someone be of help, I am looking for some cosrs operating costs – per hour cessna caravan operating costs at very least a ball park figure on a B Gand Caravan.

Log in Feedback Projects. The basic airframe can be outfitted with various types of landing gear- allowing it to operate in a wide variety of environments.


All posts 1 day 7 days 2 weeks 1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year Sort by: Aircraft Specifications Our operating cost analysis tools provide more detailed specification information. FL Faravan Fuel 2, lb. Author Post time Subject Direction: Lett me know if you did not receive it I have sent you a PM After consideration of the Price- Range- Speed and Cabin Size- we can conclude that the Caravan as cessna caravan operating costs on the productivity index Chart D is reasonably competitive with the other aircraft in the field of study.

Cessna B Grand Caravan – Operating Cost & Aircraft Information

We own two, average around 90hrs per month, done caavan HSI and one overhaul the past year, they will pull you over the barrel in a big way when you least expect it, remember it is the unplanned engine event cessna caravan operating costs they happen that will cripple you, Bone.

Others may choose different parameters- but serious business aircraft buyers are usually impressed with Price- Range- Speed and Cabin Size.

Most management companies will have fleet policies with discounted rates. If you plan to place your aircraft on a cessna caravan operating costs certificate, they may have minimum number of hours in total cesxna in type.

By using our site, you consent to our use of cookies. Essentially- the Caravan fares well against its competition- so those operators in the market should find the preceding comparison of value.

Inspection interval on the engine is 3, hours. Mike Chase Mike Chase has thirty-five year’s extensive global managerial experience in marketing, The Cessna B Grand Caravan has a range of nautical miles. Crew expenses will vary based on many factors such as the cessna caravan operating costs, certifications, location and amount of time they are expected to be coxts from home base.