Max speed. Load capacity. Gen2 Comfort. low-rise residential and small scale commercial buildings. 45m. m/s. kg. Gen2 Premier. luxury low-to. The Gen2 system has revolutionized building design. The environmentally friendly Gen2 system is one of Otis’ commitments to “greening” the Gen2 Comfort. Consult Otis Italy’s Gen2® Comfort brochure on ArchiExpo. Page: 1/2.

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The previous Gen2 logo. Otis Gen2 elevators with the motor and ReGen regenerative device visible. It uses the same equipment as the MRL ones [4].

Once approved by a team otis gen2 comfort experts, the product moves on to its next stage. Sign In Don’t have an account? The position of counterweight can be otis gen2 comfort the side or rear. The Asian version of Comfkrt Premier might have been discontinued for the most parts of Asia. In the event of a power failure, the battery powered Automatic Rescue Operation system safely delivers passengers to the nearest floor.

Tois has taken its commitment to the environment to the next level.

This is a low scale version for low to mid-rise buildings. Ggen2 friendly solutions for a wide range of building types and applications worldwide. Moving with efficiency Designed to maximise energy efficiency, the Gen2 system otis gen2 comfort our commitment to protecting the environment.

This lift, which mainly targets the residential segment, moves at a speed of one metre per second and has been designed to meet different load capacities: Store in Pluit Village, Jakarta, Indonesia. cofmort


Lifts and other elevator systems. The amount of energy saved by ReGen depends on the car load, otis gen2 comfort, length of run, traffic pattern and systen efficiency. For more information on our cookie policy please visit our privacy policy.

Ascensores Otis – Gen2 Comfort

Login to start session. The flat straps weigh forty otis gen2 comfort less than traditional cables and use a smaller traction pulley, lightening the mechanical components and reducing their size, diminishing energy consumption by up to seventy percent.

This is a low to otis gen2 comfort version only sold in Australia and possibly New Zealand as wellapplicable for residential and commercial buildings. The procedure to make the elevator run is to plug it into a regular electrical outlet, literally.

Proven Flat-belt Elevator Technology

It also incorporates a Comfprt movement control to provide otis gen2 comfort operational comfort and smoothness as well as excellent levelling between cabin and storey.

Otis wins landmark Trump tower in Toronto. Recycles energy and provides clean power for other building systems to use — making the Gen2 system otis gen2 comfort percent more efficient and use up to 40 percent less energy than non-regenerative systems. Comforh the machine-roomless option, the lift components fit inside the hoistway and eliminate the need for a machine-room.

Environmentally friendly solutions for a wide range of building types and applications worldwide.

otis gen2 comfort Otis Gen2 Comfort is a lift without machinery room and with permanent magnet engine that does not use traditional steel cables for traction and suspension but flat polyurethane straps and steel threads GeN2 system.


Otis wins record award in Europe. Otie was first introduced in and used for new installation, existing buildings, or modernizations. The Asian otis gen2 comfort design is heavily based on Otis with an almost identical aesthetics and fixtures. With unmatched design flexibility, the Gen2 Nova lift is available for buildings with or without a machine room.

The Gen2 machine and coated steel belts do not need otis gen2 comfort oits, eliminating lubrication-related storage, cleanup and disposal of hazardous waste.

On Diseño – Products: Otis Gen2 Comfort by Zardoya Otis

Otis video of Gen2 Mod elevator otis gen2 comfort model. This version can be easily recognized by its LCD-TFT floor indicators and buttons usually round concave with blue illumination. They do not generate polluting residue as neither the polyurethane straps nor the machinery require oiling.

Reduces energy consumption and lasts otiw much as otis gen2 comfort times longer than conventional fluorescent lamps.

Built exclusively at our ISO-certified Bangalore factory, the Gen2 system is a perfect blend of Otis reliability, quality and advanced design. Otis Gen2 The new Gen2 logo. Otis offers design professionals a otis gen2 comfort range of interior options.