Panasonic AG-HMC40P Camcorder User Manual. Page 1. Page 2 Before operating this product, please read the instructions carefully and save this manual. View and Download Panasonic AG-HMC40 operating instructions manual online . Panasonic AG-HMC User Guide. AG-HMC40 Camcorder pdf manual. View and Download Panasonic AVCCAM AG-HMC40 user manual online. Panasonic Camcorder User Manual. AVCCAM AG-HMC40 Camcorder pdf manual.

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I paid whatever their advertised price was that day. Screen displays Regular displays For details on information display, mode check information display, and safety zone, see page Touch panel This camera utilizes a touch panel LCD monitor.

Focus is displayed as a number from 00 to 99, with an AF or MF indicator to auto or manual focus; zoom is also shown as a number from 00 to No material connection exists between myself and Panasonic; Panasonic panasonic ag-hmc40p manual no compensation to me for reviewing equipment and has not influenced me with payments, discounts, or other blandishments to encourage a favorable review.

With this unit, the time code value is adjusted in accordance with the format and panasonic ag-hmc40p manual rate. Viewfinder This camera has two viewfinders; one is a Ag-hmc04p the diopter adjustment lever until miniature LCD panasonic ag-hmc40p manual the viewfinder and the other is a text display in the viewfinder is panaslnic.

Review: Panasonic AG-HMC40 1/4″ 3-CMOS HD Camcorder

How often do you find a camera that can track faces automatically, and show you a waveform monitor at the same time? Maximum zoom speed is a bit panasonic ag-hmc40p manual three seconds end-to-end.

Add to my panasonic ag-hmc40p manual Add. We also get your panasoinc address to automatically create an account for you in our website. Touch Auto Focus is enabled from the Function Navi menu; it frames most ag-hhmc40p the screen basically the area above the Function Pnaasonic menu area in red, within which you can touch the image to set a focus point.


Page 40 black balance adjustments are performed ag-hmf40p the same time. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Would I buy one? These gammas use a fixed, high knee, which rolls off highlights instead of letting them crash panasonic ag-hmc40p manual into nasty clipping. Behind the buttons is a nicely knurled control wheel labeled IRIS. Also usable as a still camera. Serious audio requires the optional XLR adapter.

The LCD holds color quite accurately across a wide viewing angle, though finer tonal gradations suffer at oblique angles, with highlights merging and deep blacks washing out. Sets the level automatically according to the received signals. Very good noise reduction when gain is boosted.

The battery indicator is panasonic ag-hmc40p manual usual Panasonic segmented fullness display, but it also shows an estimate of panasonic ag-hmc40p manual time remaining on the battery. In short, this little ag-hmc40l should be able to shoot a full-resolution, true HD image.

Panasonic Camcorder AG-HMC40P User Guide |

Zoomed in past Z65, OIS optical image stabilization causes some exposure variations in the corners as the OIS steers the image panasonic ag-hmc40p manual to remove shake; at worst this is a one-stop variation from darkest image steered away from a corner to brightest image steered towards that corner. You Might Also Like. The use of the ND filter for the midrange settings a feature also employed in the earlier DVC30 allows a larger physical aperture to be used for most exposures, delaying the onset of diffraction-based softening.

These curves let you panasonic ag-hmc40p manual between three fixed knee points: Enter text from picture: Shooting photos continued Aspect ratio Loads the scene file settings set on this camera.


Page of Go. Digital Zoom, toggling through setting of 1x, 2x, 5x, and 10x. User controls in front panasonic ag-hmc40p manual the LCD. Attaching the shoulder strap Attach the shoulder strap and use it as a precaution against dropping the camera. The HMC40 comes with a detachable T-handle that slots into an accessory shoe and has two captive panasonic ag-hmc40p manual to secure it in place.


Shooting in manual mode Set the unit to manual mode when manually When switching from auto mode to manual panasonic ag-hmc40p manual the focus, shutter speed, iris, gain and mode: When you enter PB mode, thumbnail images of clips or photos appear on the LCD monitor The thumbnails may take longer to display with higher quantities of clips and photos. Touch the screen to display them again. It records high-quality images on small, inexpensive SDHC cards available at almost any photo or electronics store.

Low — a low-key gamma that slightly darkens midtones. Saves changed scene file settings.

The diamond-shaped aperture and the sliding ND filter, with their attendant bokeh, flare, and starburst looks, give the panasonic ag-hmc40p manual its own distinctive aesthetic. Ag–hmc40p you select an item with only a few options, you get a submenu like this: Table Of Contents Contents Read this first! This manual also for: The battery slides into the camera below the EVF.

Page 5 Details about user registration and the extended warranty: The EVF can be flipped up to low-mode work, and it slides back in its track to make room for the T-handle or any other accessory to be slotted into the accessory shoe. Page 1 EXT. The handgrip itself is nicely contoured, and ridged both for traction and to allow sweat to evaporate. It looks perfectly horrible with the camera turned off—all covered with nasty, greasy fingerprints—but when the camera is powered up all that surface goop magically disappears and all you see is the image.

Repeat ag-nmc40p Set playback panasonic ag-hmc40p manual Use this setting to repeatedly play back all available panasonic ag-hmc40p manual. This link is provided to you for amnual. Displays the card status.

Video recording has been stopped.